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Assessment of inspection and diagnosis results

Government funds (tax money) have been wasted, causing public censure, because certain safety diagnosis service providers conducted faulty diagnosis when inspection was performed on key facilities. Thus, in January 2002, a system was introduced to assess the outcome of precision safety diagnosis performed by safety diagnosis service providers. In September 2008, precision inspection results were also assessed based on an amendment to the statute.

Chart of Assessment Flow

scale up
Selection of Assessment Target (FMS), Request of Assessment by Local Governments
  • Request for necessary data
  • Execution of assessment
  • Selection of review target(NO : Notice of reason of unnecessariness of assessment)
  • Assessment results reports (1st)(Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Advance notice of assessment results(by those performing inspection or diagnosis)
  • Submission of explanatory materials(by those performing inspection or diagnosis)(YES : Explanation (during review))
  • Review by the Assessment Committee
  • Notice of review result (chairman, KISTEC)
  • Report of review outcome (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) (NO : Order for re-assessment (as required))
  • Notice of assessment outcome (final) (NO : Formal objection)
    • -Managing entity
    • -Inspection/Diagnosis entities
    • -Guidance/Supervision administrative agencies
  • Actions taken against points indicated(inspection/diagnosis entities)
  • Report of action result
    • -Head of the relevant administrative agency
    • -Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
    • -KISTEC

Assessment criteria and details

  • Assessment criteria
    • Scope of inspection or diagnosis performed or compliance of key items with statutes or rules
    • Guidelines and detailed guidelines for safety inspection or precision safety diagnosis
    • Task instructions or implementation plans related to the relevant inspection or diagnosis
  • Details of assessment
    • Appropriateness of systems for the development of plans for precision inspection or precision safety diagnosis or reports
    • Appropriateness of survey of data related to design drawings or repair and maintenance
    • Appropriateness of appearance survey and results analysis
    • Appropriateness of selection and implementation of field tests, analysis and assessment of test results
    • Appropriateness of safety review, including structural analysis conditions and analysis of results
      (results of precision inspection applicable only when a task is performed as instructed)
    • Appropriateness of assessment of seismic performance and its enhancement
    • Appropriateness of estimation of and actions against causes of damages or defects
    • Appropriateness of assessment of key components, unit structures and entire facilities, and designation of safety grade
    • Appropriateness of overall conclusions, etc.
    • Appropriateness of methods for repair or reinforcement, site application
    • Presentation of repair/maintenance plans for the relevant facilities and practical effectiveness
    • Other matters deemed necessary by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for the safety of the relevant facilities