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Introduction to facility information system construction

Introduction to the integrated facility information management system

Facility Management System (“FMS” hereinafter) is designed for the real-time inclusive management of information concerning facilities, safety diagnosis agencies, maintenance service providers, etc. using an Internet-based system (http://www.fms.or.kr) to deploy the information system related to the safety maintenance of facilities. The FMS facility information is not only for the simple management of facility history; it also plays a significant role as foundation for developing policies on the safety of state facilities based on the design documents, supervision reports, inclusive safety inspection reports, results of safety inspection and precision safety diagnosis, and all history information registered while the relevant facilities are installed, including repair and reinforcement history.

Flow Chart of Facility Management System Service

scale up
  • Person in charge of facility maintenance (facility manager)
    • Managing entity
    • Local autonomous entity
    • Central administrative agencies
  • Agencies related to repair and management
  • Drawings and documents submitted
    • Design and installation
      Design drawings and documents
      Structural design report
    • Supervision
      Supervision report
    • Completion (occupancy authorization)
      Facility management register
  • Entry of safety inspection/diagnosis data
    • Repair/Maintenance
      Inspection/Diagnosis report
      Design drawings for repair/reinforcement
    Plan/Performance report for repair/maintenance of facilities under public use
  • Technical information
    Provision of technical information

FMS service procedure

Classification and types of target facilities
FMS maintains facilities that require special management to ensure convenience and safety of public use or highly advanced technologies for repair and maintenance due to structural features, including bridges, tunnels, harbors, dams, buildings, rivers, water and sewage facilities, retaining walls, and cut slopes.

Operational status

Information concerning repair and reinforcement, precision safety diagnosis, and repair and maintenance service providers are registered and managed online using web (Internet) pages in order to construct the information system related to safety and maintenance of facilities, including basic facility information, completed drawings, supervision reports, safety inspection reports, precision inspection and safety diagnosis reports, and maintenance-related history information.